about the book

Different: 100 Affirmations for Ambitious Women is a book brimming with reminders about body positivity, self-care, preserving peace, and restoring sanity. This book is for every woman who tends to forget to make herself a priority. It's not a demanding read. One affirmation (page) a day should keep the self-loathing and internal critic away. Each affirmation is perfect to read out loud during an affirming moment each morning or even before bed. You will be celebrated for who you are and you will be challenged to abandon the world’s expectations and opinions of you. Order your copy.


Natasha Nichole Lake is an award-winning public speaker, motivator, leader, and a successful entrepreneur. Her personal mission is to inspire people to pursue lives filled with purpose and anchored in excellence. She is influential because of engaging, profound lectures and lessons on personal ambition and sustainable success. For over a decade, she has inspired audiences and mentored aspiring world-changers. Natasha is a powerhouse. She is a woman with incredible expectations for herself and she’s also committed to educating and training aspiring entrepreneurs. Natasha's company is a consulting firm with start-up services for entrepreneurs who need smart modern business plans to attract investors. With a client centered passion for business, she is undeniably the best at producing high growth outcomes for new entrepreneurs, freelancers and solopreneurs.