Boss on a Budget|Articles for Millennials #1

Life Hack: Just Order the Venti Water

During the first year of freelancing, if you’re really exceptional and undeniably purposed to change lives through offering services that no one should live without, you’ll be broke.

Not just regular broke. You’ll be broke and optimistic which is a terrifying combination. Cold sweats will greet you in the midnight hour and the chime that indicates an email snuck in to your inbox will induce anxiety and excitement and hope and paranoia.

Not everybody is about this life. This- following your dreams while struggling to pay your bills and explaining what you “do” to your parents twice a week-life isn’t for everybody because most people are too prideful to make the lifestyle changes required in order to live through year one.

For those who plan to make it to and through year one of full-time dream chasing, the “life hack” shared below will serve as a survival map to help you blend in with the rest of the world on days when the world, as you know and understand it,  is falling apart.

Being a freelancer is festive because we work anywhere (as long as the wi-fi is free and the coffee is strong). For some, walking into their favorite coffee shop and not ordering a huge mocha latte with extra caramel sounds like punishment. What’s the point? Right?


Grandma's Special Herbs.png

Your local coffee shop is a breeding ground for good ideas and potential clients. Novels are being handcrafted and perfected in those dimly lit corners, young love brews timidly,  secrets are told over espresso, and dreams are shared with journals. 

Your clients live in places like this and, if you linger long enough, you’ll have a roster of clients that pay you to do what you love to do. Just don’t waste money on coffee you can’t afford and don’t waste time talking to people with a lot of dreams and no intention to pay you to help make the dreams come true.


It takes special skills to hang out somewhere all day and not spend any money. But, because you’ll be broke and $5 for coffee is unbearable, you will learn how to order water instead of a macchiato. Sounds simple right? It’s not. It’s torture. But, the ability to order something and have a cup in front of you as you work, may be the habitual satisfaction that you need in order to survive. I’ve ordered water before meetings just to make sure I had something to wet my whistle with throughout pitches worth thousands of dollars. I had vision. I just didn’t have enough money for my favorite Fall drink.

Don’t be discouraged. The hack I’ve shared with you today won’t always be an essential part of business practices but for now, don’t spend $30 a week on coffee when you could be adding that $30 to your Facebook Ads budget and gaining more visibility.


Just order the Venti water.